Monthly Archives: October 2007

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This week I’m in Maryland. Mmmmm scallops and crab cakes! I arrived at BWI around 5 p.m. and found it to be 80 degrees! Al Gore must live around here somewhere.

This is a great part of the country with so much history, good food, and more than one Major League Baseball team. I’m jealous.

This week I’m teaching Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspection plus Advanced Fire Alarm (NICET III & IV) on the shore of Lake Spendard in Anchorage. Gorgeous weather, as you can see. There’s some ice in the lake and in another month it will be frozen over. All of the float planes will be removed until Al Gore returns next spring 🙂

… and the Nobel prize for pandering goes to … drum roll …

Al “wanna-buy-a-carbon-credit?” Gore! woo hoo!

Step right up, tell the public what they want to hear* and win a prize**!

* Truth not required.
** e.g. President of the USA, Nobel prize, etc.