Monthly Archives: December 2007

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This week my-lovely-wife-Cynthia and I are in Hawaii taking a break from the cold and wet conditions in Oregon.

The photo is of the Ala Wai Harbor in Honolulu.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

This week I visited my parents in Astoria, OR, which just survived another storm with winds as high as 147 mph. The storm continued for 2 days. My folks survived the storm but lost power for a week. They reported that FEMA and the Coast Guard responded very quickly to provide much needed help to those less fortunate whom lost their homes. Mom was most upset with loosing access to the internet for a week!

I took this photo with my cell phone as I was returning home. It’s hwy 30 along the Columbia river about 27 miles east of Astoria and is supposed to show the result of a massive mud slide. I saw several homes and a restaurant sitting in mud up to the bottom of their windows.

This week I’m in Las Vegas. The weather is great – much better than the soggy and cold conditions in the Pacific NW. My saint of a wife, otherwise known as my-lovely-wife-Cynthia, is home preparing for a wonderful Christmas Eve party for family and friends. As our kids have kids, they’re preparing their own family Christmas traditions.

It’s a secret but I plan to take my-lovely-wife-Cynthia to Hawaii for 2 weeks, right after Christmas. She deserves a vacation and what better way to recover from winter doledrums.