Monthly Archives: April 2008

This week I’m in Anaheim and Fremont. Anaheim is the happiest place on earth, because they have a baseball team. Fremont is soon to be the home of the A’s. I’m jealous because California has 5 baseball teams and Oregon has zero. Maybe Bud should consider expansion and promote the Beavers to MLB.

This week I’m in San Antonio with my-lovely-wife-Cynthia attending the annual AFAA Codes Conference. The river walk is interesting though the river itself is disturbing to me because it reminds me of shit river in Subic Bay Phillipines.

This week I’m in Conshohocken, PA at the Montgomery County Fire Academy. Less than a week after my mom passed away, on Monday evening this week, right before midnight, #2 grand daughter, Adrianne, was born. The circle of life right before my very eyes.